Sunday, 31 March 2013

Purple Teams Challenge.................

Hello Crafters! 

Trisha here. I have the privilege of being your hostess for our challenge this week. Last week's inspirations and submissions were quite whimsical and we all enjoyed them very much. 

April is Autism Awareness month and I have chosen a challenge to support Autism Awareness as this is a disability that is close to my heart because of my oldest son. Now, before you click out and say forget it, this challenge isn't for me; read on just a bit, please.

For the challenge all I want you to do is make projects that have puzzle pieces on them using primary colours. We've all seen the ribbons to support this disability. So use those for a little inspiration along with our design team who have come up with some awesome creations to inspire you as well.
Your sentiments should be encouraging or the 'thinking of you' type. If you know someone with autism, maybe you would like to make a birthday card with these elements on them.  The sky is really the limit here so don't be afraid, give it a shot. Link up with Ms. Linky below to join in the fun. We can't wait to see your wonderful creations.

Because autism has touched my life in such a personal way, I would like to share the following brief explanation of what autism is from the The National Autistic Society website:

"Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them.
It is a spectrum condition which means that, while all people with autism share certain difficulties, their condition will affect them in different ways. Some people with autism are able to live relatively independent lives but others may have accompanying learning disabilities and need a lifetime of specialist support. People with autism may also experience over- or under-sensitivity to sounds, touch, tastes, smells, light or colours.
Asperger syndrome is a form of autism. People with Asperger syndrome are often of average or above average intelligence. They have fewer problems with speech but may still have difficulties with understanding and processing language."

Thank you for playing along in our challenge and helping me to support Autism Awareness.

Now for the DT inspirational makes

(altered wooden plaque)



Please link your creations below via Miss Linky


  1. What great colourful projects x

  2. This is such an amazing theme and it saddens me that there wasn't more participation as it's such an easy request to add puzzle pieces to a project. Either way, I have a little suggestion for you...perhaps you could collect all your inspirational cards and give them to your local Autism/Asperger's Society chapter. I am sure there would have a great use for them. Food for thought!
    I love each and every one of them too :)S

  3. Aw such a shame there were not more entries. Thank you to those two lovely ladies who entered and to Trisha for the theme and the challenge and please dont be disheartened. I Guess this is why we are still trying to raise awareness of Autism afterall. GREAT idea ypu had there Sandra..hugs ladies


Thank you for all your lovely comments,.....Thank you and keep sending the love...... apologies for word verification - It just appeared and I have settings to not have it but can't get rid of it - I will keep trying though as it bugs the hell out of me xx

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