Sunday 27 April 2014

Where did the last 3 weeks go to......

I just cannot believe where all the time goes.  I do hope everyone is well and managed to get alot of crafting done.  I must admit I have not been able to get any done.  Suffering with toothache and although it is not as bad as MAN FLU as we are all reminded of from time to time lol.  Anyway I booked an emergency appointment for this afternoon however whee I had been taking co codamols and tramadol all night long I fell asleep and slept through the appointment time -arggghhhhhhh!

Right back to business.  We had an amazing amount of entries for the last challenges.  I know the girlies will find it very difficult to choose just a few.  I do not envy them lol.

The challenges themes this time are as follows

Feeling Fruity 
chosen by Sheena (pinkies)


chosen by Kelly (purplies)

Plenty of choice for you all.

Now for our Eclectic talents

Pink Team


We are so looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.  Please leave your entries in the respective linkys below




  1. Beautiful work from the DT. When will you be posting the winners of your Easter challenge please!
    Linda xxx

  2. As soon as Elaine has chosen them hun. Laurian has sorted her winners. I am hoping it wont be long xx

  3. Great creations from the DT

  4. Thank you for choosing me in the Top Five - very chuffed!


Thank you for all your lovely comments,.....Thank you and keep sending the love...... apologies for word verification - It just appeared and I have settings to not have it but can't get rid of it - I will keep trying though as it bugs the hell out of me xx

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