Sunday, 1 May 2016

Yayyyyy it is May!

Hello everyone - I do hope you are well and feeling crafty and creative.  I expect some of you are wondering why for the past couple of months there has only been the one challenge running instead of the two.  Well we were in desperate need of more DT girlies so we run a DT call.  I have to say that all the entrants are all so very talented however we only had the capacity for a few.

For those who applied to be part of our DT the ladies have now been chosen, invites to the DT blog have been sent for acceptance for access to our DT blog.  I think I have managed to send out an apology email  to all those who were unsuccessful but if you are not on the list of ladies below and have not received an email from me apologies from my heart.For this month we are having an ANYTHING GOES for both the pink and purple team co-joined.  We will resume normal service next month.  So here they are introducing and welcoming

Go check out their blogs - I know you will enjoy gaining heaps of inspiration from them all.

Right now here are our DT makes and you are in for a right ol' treat.  I am so so very proud of all the Eclectic girlies and to join in with the fun please link up your art via da froggy!

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